Sol Spa Tanning

Helping IU look good and feel great for 18 years!


The Sol Spa Difference.

  • 51 Professional UV and Sunless tanning devices. Each store’s
    layout and equipment has been expertly designed to provide you the
    proper diversification to optimize results.
  • Our salons are “Eat-Off-The-Floor” clean.
  • We change our lamps at their half life ensuring consistent results
    every time. We carefully select lamps that are designed to work best with each bed type.
  • Licensed Premier Salon for Designer Skin, Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan and Australian Gold. Authentic products at the best prices, all guaranteed and backed by the industry leaders.
  • International Smart Tan ® member. As professionals trained in proper tanning practices and skin care, we promote responsible exposure. We will develop a program designed to meet your personal goals, while taking into consideration your individual skin type and needs.

Sol Spa. Look Good, Feel Great!

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Sun is Life. Sol Spa.


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